2020 Fall Newsletter: Kansas City

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As the pandemic continues, the election coverage heats up, and the news cycle throbs with ‘this-is-all-important!’ furious excitement, do you know what feels comforting? The earth still moves steadily around the sun and summer turns into fall. The season change is a strangely comforting reminder that many things are still very normal despite the anxiety we’re feeling that suggest otherwise. My unsolicited advice for dealing with all of the madness? Go outside and take a long walk. Let the cooler air clear your head so you can add some perspective to it all.

We’re bringing this Elevated Insider to you just prior to the presidential election. Of course, I can’t predict the future for us, and I find comfort in knowing that I don’t have to. Regardless of the side of the political aisle you find yourself, we’re all looking forward to getting the election behind us. The investing markets do as well; the market hates uncertainty and a big election creates lots of it. If history is any guide to us, it allows us to find comfort in the fact that markets will find footing in the post-election clarity. Once the market knows who’s in office, it – and we – can adjust to it and get back to the business of investing on fundamentals rather than emotion. Until then, expect wild swings in the markets.

In this edition of the Insider, we bring you some planning thoughts we hope you’ll find helpful. In response to a question we hear from time-to-time, we consider if the financial markets can actually be trusted. Then we discuss the foundation of a successful retirement plan, income. These concepts of income planning and the markets can often feel very separate from one another, but for a plan to work, we need to trust the plan. If the markets are trustworthy over the long-term and your income sources are predictable and consistent, you have the makings of a successful retirement. After all, once the numbers are right, the rest of retirement is up to you to make the very best of it.

As we move toward the election and hopefully see some progress in getting through this pandemic and back to some sense of normalcy, I urge you to hang on tight, for the ride will be wild, but to also take that long walk. If we can be of service to you, then please let us know. We’re here to serve so let us serve you.