Who We Serve

Approaching retirement? We're here for you.

Who We Serve

Elevated Retirement Group focuses on the needs of those who are nearing or in retirement.

We’ve found that this phase of life is full of transitions: professional, personal, and financial. This transitional phase of life results in a large number of puzzle pieces that need to be identified and understood before major financial decisions are made.

This is not a time to trust your life savings to a generalist; you want to work with a specialist.

Value Professional Advice

If you enjoy fixing cars, and are good at fixing cars, then you may wish to fix your own car when it breaks. In much the same way, if you enjoy researching available retirement planning options, and also have skill investing your money on your own, you may wish to be your own retirement planning expert. If, on the other hand, the thought of building and maintaining a retirement and investment plan for the rest of your life sounds unsavory, then you may wish to hire experts to help you.

The relationships we have with families that are highly-productive and long-lasting are those where a high value is placed on professional advice. We go to great lengths to continually sharpen our skills and remain trustworthy so that we can serve you at the highest possible level for many years to come. When this mutual trust exists, the families we serve achieve a peace of mind that is priceless to them, and it means the world to us as well.

Motivated To Fix Issues.

Our education-based process results in advice that is fact-based, research-rich, and time-tested. Families who benefit most from our process are those who are eager to address issues that are uncovered. The most powerful outcomes are reached when the desire to fix issues is met with sound planning advice from a fiduciary professional.

Have Resources

Elevated Retirement Group does not have assets minimums when working with families. That said, a reasonable amount of assets is required in order to reach retirement goals. There are many online financial sites that will suggest rules of thumb when dispensing savings and retirement advice. While these can be helpful for younger savers, rules of thumb begin to break down when applied to real-life situations involving real people. When asked, “How much do we need to retire?” the answer is “It depends.” As cliché as it may sound, every family has very unique planning needs. When a family has accumulated meaningful savings, is motivated to fix issues, and values professional advice, Elevated Retirement Group is able to help families in profound ways. If these attributes describe you, we’d welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your retirement aspirations.
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