2019 Fall Newsletter: Kansas City

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If I were a betting man, I’d wager that you’re wondering how we got to Fall already.

“How is time passing so quickly?” No kidding. Well, here we are. It’s this time-marches-on sentiment that underpins what we do here. Time matters a lot in the work we do with you; retirees need money available to pay the bills this month and also need a portfolio that will last for decades. That’s a lot to ask of a single nest egg so we’d better not lose sight of this timing duality.

As I’m writing this, the stock market has just dropped a significant amount. And while this isn’t an unexpected event – markets do this – it’s another reminder to focus on the fundamentals of good planning. Specifically, having a written retirement income plan, robust investment strategy, tax strategy, and a thoughtfully-designed estate plan are essentials for the sophisticated retiree. If you feel that any of these need attention, please reach out to us, we’re happy to help.

Given these critical, yet somewhat diverse areas of planning, we lean on the expertise of a number of professionals to guide us, some within our firm and some who work outside our firm. We find that a team can better plan than any individual may, so we’re committed to bringing complementary skillsets to your planning team. In this issue of the Elevated Insider, we’ll touch on a number of planning areas that have little to do with today’s market movements, or tomorrow’s, but instead frame the larger context of successful retirement planning. A successful financial mindset is as important to your outcomes as any particular strategy and we often need to be reminded of these fundamentals.

Naturally, none of what we do at Elevated Retirement Group is necessary or possible without you. Your commitment to planning and understanding of the critical roles of accountability and specialization is what bring us all together. Thanks to you for choosing this relationship with us; it means the world to me and to our entire team. And with that in mind, please don’t keep us a secret. If someone you know could benefit from the work we do, please consider making an introduction!

Enjoy the cooler weather and we’ll see you soon for progress reviews, if not sooner.