2019 Winter Newsletter: Kansas City

In Newsletters, Newsletters: Kansas City Office by Scott Dougan


With 2019 underway, we’re focused on what’s new: the adventures that lie ahead, and the opportunities that are yet to be realized.

In that light, we’re excited to bring you a new look to our newsletter and communications, beginning with this edition of Elevated Insider, Elevated Retirement Group’s print newsletter.

You’ll see some big changes and improvements elsewhere too, but this newsletter is our commitment to put some of our best thinking in your hands, literally. After all, in a world where everything seems to be going digital, we still appreciate the tangible nature of a real publication on real paper, not just bits and bites on a screen that we’re all trying to obsess less over each day. In some ways then, we’re excited to go back to the basics.

Well, that leads me directly to the content that you’ll see here in Elevated Insider. One feature that we’re excited to offer you is a ‘Back to the Basics’ column. In it, we’ll focus on a retirement planning topic that deserves to be highlighted and well defined. Because things are moving so fast, and we sometimes get very technical in our planning discussions, we believe it pays to slow down from time-to-time so we can ensure we’re not shortchanging the fundamentals of sound planning.

Because we have the unique vantage point of seeing into the financial lives of so many successful families, we’d like to offer you a glimpse into the planning strategies that others are using that may inform your own planning. In a section we call ‘Briefcase Study’, we’ll offer you a brief case study (see what we did there?) on a planning topic we think you’d like to know more about. In other words, our organization and our client community can benefit from the experiences of others. In this way, we all get better collectively!

We’ll keep some things the same as well. We’ve had so much great feedback on our recipes and puzzles that we’ll plan to continue those ‘fan favorites’ in the new newsletter. After all, what good is it to do great financial and retirement planning if we can’t enjoy the spoils and eat well?

Finally, it would be a shame to omit the most important aspect of Elevated Retirement Group…you! We’re well aware that none of these exciting improvements would mean much if not for you, the people that we serve. Your commitment to planning a successful retirement and to the well being of your families is what drives us to pursue a continually-improved experience. As long as you remain committed to deepening your retirement planning education, we’ll continue to be curious and to open new doors. Thanks for the trust you’ve placed in us; it means so much.