Elevated Financial Wellness

Our firm is excited to announce the launch of Elevated Financial Wellness!

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Studies show that eighty percent of employers’ report that financial stress is lowering their employees’ productivity level, and it’s costing them nearly half a trillion dollars annually.*  

The EFW platform provides financial wellness technology with a human approach. Employees will not only have access to assessment tools to understand their financial/retirement needs but will also have access to our fiduciary advisors to share their expertise and educational resources. If you see value in education and the holistic planning process we’ve created with you, we’d love an opportunity to provide our resources to your fellow or former colleagues.

We are currently scheduling demos of our Elevated Financial Wellness Platform and would like an opportunity to meet with HR/Benefits or Wellness Directors to highlight the tools and benefits it can provide. 

Contact Melissa Ceballos on our team at (385) 296-1484 or mceballos@erg-slc.com for more information.


*Source: Why Your Employees’ Financial Well-Being Affects Your Corporate Brand: https://www.forbes.com/sites/williamarruda/2019/08/04/why-your-employees-financial-wellbeing-affects-your-corporate-brand/?sh=811cc6940f55