2022 Spring Newsletter: Salt Lake City

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Spring is here – the trees are blossoming, the birds are chirping and the bats are swinging. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: baseball season! Not only have the pros started playing (which almost didn’t happen!), my nine-year-old son, Michael, and his team began their season as well. His games started in March with a couple of out-of-state tournaments in the warmer climates of Nevada and Arizona. Now that Spring has (mostly) arrived in Utah, I’m out on the diamond with my son a few nights a week either practicing or playing. 

Michael is also trying flag football this spring. On Saturday mornings several teams of elementary and middle school kids gather to play games of flag football. And our daughter, Coraline, and her school cheer team are there to cheer on the football players. It’s a family affair on the gridiron each week. Coraline is also playing club volleyball. Her first season wrapped up this month. It’s been fun watching her grow as a competitive volleyball player.

Our lives are beginning to feel more like they did before the COVID pandemic, including making travel plans. Outside of a few baseball tournaments, we are hoping to visit my family in Massachusetts this summer. It’s been four years since we’ve been able to visit. So, pending any more pandemics or life-altering emergencies, we’re hoping to spend a few days on the east coast this summer catching up with family and attending a Red Sox game (of course).

We are enjoying the longer and warmer days and looking forward to spending many evenings at the ballpark, and weekends working in the yard. For my wife, Erika (and our dog, Benny), the warmer weather means longer hikes at higher elevations. It also means she will be dragging the kids and I out onto the trail with her soon. Hiking isn’t an activity we’d choose on our own, but with a little persuasion from my wife, our family has a good time in the great outdoors. We’ve had some fun adventures and made some life-long memories out there with her - even when the trail is “slightly” longer than she said it was. (“We’re almost there!”)

Our team here at Elevated Retirement Group wishes you a happy Spring! We hope you’ll have many opportunities to gather with friends and family and enjoy the beautiful weather Spring and Summer have to offer.