2023 Spring Newsletter: Kansas City

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We did it; we made it to another spring! We should congratulate ourselves.

I recently heard someone say, “If you survived February, you’re probably going to live another year.” Boy, that sure feels true when winter just doesn’t seem to want to end.

As is always the case, the world remains a wild and ever-changing place. The financial consequences of these changes show up in continually rising interest rates and a stock market that’s struggling to decide whether it’s ready to spring forward or retreat to a longer winter slumber. We know these things are normal and seasonal, but that doesn’t make them any less challenging to cope with.

Because the financial world can be such a volatile place, we wanted to share with you some thoughts about the underpinnings of a prudent retirement plan, income planning. That is, with a solid strategy for generating consistent and or guaranteed income to keep your essential expenses met, it’s much easier to withstand the ups and downs of the stock and bond markets when they inevitably occur. Check out Back to the Basics to learn more. 

Does money buy happiness? I’ve heard people say, “I’m not sure, but I’d like to find out!” As life marches on and people age, they often become less focused on what money can do for them and turn their gaze toward helping others. Check out our discussion of building a family legacy plan. Because if we tend to focus more on others as we age, then how does that impact our financial planning?

Also, checkout our Employee Spotlight to see why we’re so excited right now. We’re constantly working to improve our team so you can feel great about yours.

As always, please reach out to us with any questions or needs that may come to mind. With spring, all things become new again so let’s make this year your best yet. And thanks again for the trust you place in us to serve you. It’s an honor.