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Back To Normal. Right?

In Articles, Articles: Kansas City Office by Scott Dougan

Have you ever known a couple who breaks up after a long relationship, then reconciles again? It’s a huge sigh of relief for all of those who know them because, after all, they’re meant to be together. And while this looks and feels great from the outside, it’s complicated for the couple. They now appreciate one another more than ever, …

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Forecasting the Weather and Pending Economic Collapse

In Articles, Articles: Kansas City Office, Articles: Salt Lake City Office, Investment Management by Scott Dougan

Imagine for a moment that you’re tasked with instructing others how to select a wardrobe. Given the regularity of the seasons, you could do pretty well suggesting a mix of warm clothes for winter and cool clothes for summer. However, naming the exact day when a 70-degree day interrupts the 40-degree days of early spring would prove very difficult. If …

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Employee Spotlight: Brook Chavers

In Articles, Articles: Kansas City Office, Spring 2020, Team Spotlights by Scott Dougan

Brook Chavers, Client Services Associate Brooke moved to Kansas City to study music and literature at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. She is a St. Louis native and visits home often to attend baseball games with her family, at Busch Stadium. Her favorite thing about Kansas City is its rich artistic culture. She enjoys going to the symphony …

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Back to the Basics: The Great Decluttering

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For everything there is a season. For many of you, it’s time to declutter. Nobody is forcing you to declutter, but you’re probably feeling that desire on some level. Sitting in your home due to quarantine, there’s never been a better time! Looking back, we spent an entire childhood wishing for more things like bikes, games, our own room. Then …

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Briefcase Study: What Is Your First Memory Of Money?

In Articles, Articles: Kansas City Office, Briefcase Studies, Spring 2020, Tax Planning by Scott Dougan

What Is Your First Memory Of Money? A few years ago, I was talking with a man who was contemplating retirement. He and his wife had worked very hard for a long time and had accumulated considerable assets and carried no debt. As we ran and re-ran the numbers, tweaking and questioning all assumptions and variables, he continued to struggle …