Mechanics of a Money Machine

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I’m admittedly not much of an inventor. If there’s a need to create something from nothing, there are brighter minds out there than mine. On the other hand, when I can see an idea or an object that already exists, I can usually appreciate its greatness and often even improve upon it. So when I came across this one idea, it blew my mind with its power, elegance, and usefulness for retirees.

What if you could build a money machine; a mechanism that produces money for you each and every month, into perpetuity? It requires a small amount of maintenance, but once it’s running, it sends you a check on the first of the month, every month until you die. Can you imagine? Can you see how comforting it would be to know that whether the stock market is up or down, whether you’re sick or well, the checks keep rolling in? What else could you focus your mind on if worrying about having income was no longer occupying your thoughts?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have something very exciting to show you. It turns out that just such a machine exists! It looks like a lot of other machines out there but this one has a slightly different operating system than those others. Rather than running on hopes and dreams, this money machine is fueled by the consistent efforts of millions of hardworking people going to work each day, managing, building, and innovating in a way that provides all of us the opportunity to own a money machine that allows us to experience financial security for decades.

What is this machine called, you say, the one that does all of these amazing things? Well, for lack of a better name, we’ll call it an income-focused investment portfolio. The…er, IFIP as we’ll call it, is built by us for you and provides you a steady stream of checks. Once it’s set up and funded, it requires some care and adjustment to keep it running in tip-top shape, but we’ll handle that for you.

The IFIP was invented many years ago but a lot of people forgot about it due to a shinier machine that came along that only worked when placed into ‘high risk’ mode. And while this high-risk machine can do amazing things from time-to-time, when it breaks down, it’s terrifying and can leave you with real financial problems. The IFIP, on the other hand, replaces the ‘high risk’ mode of the other machine with a mode called ‘incredibly high probability’. It’s not as exciting as the other machine but it just keeps running for you even when times get tough.

You see, the IFIP, our income-focused investment portfolio, converts ownership of really big, often really old, companies into dividend and interest income. The IFIP takes advantage of dividend paying stocks and a mixture of interest paying bonds to provide you with a reliable and consistent income stream, that when used appropriately, can allow you to live off this income without having to touch the money that you originally put into the machine. And if you don’t have to touch the money you put into it, the use of the dividends and interest allows this machine to run into perpetuity for you and your children or grandchildren. Isn’t that amazing?

While we’re not mad at the ‘high risk’ machine we mentioned – it can serve young people very well when they have a lot of time – it’s just not as user-friendly as the IFIP for people who are nearing or in retirement. In other words, this is a case of owning the right machine to do the right job for the right person.

The IFIP works best when properly funded of course. If you want a specific amount of income from this money machine, we can help you determine how much fuel to place into the machine. Or conversely, you can have a machine built based on the amount of fuel you have to invest in it. Either way, the IFIP money machine can be yours today and can run consistently for you even during a stock market storm. It’s quite resilient and reliable when used properly. I honestly don’t know who wouldn’t want a money machine like this, but maybe it’s not for everyone.

And I should probably mention that there’s another variant of the money machine that’s capable of guaranteed income. Rather than being built using stocks and bonds, it uses insurance-based components, provided by highly rated insurance companies, to send its owners a guaranteed stream of income for a specified period of time, sometimes for life if that’s what’s chosen. This machine may or may not provide more income than the version built using stocks and bonds, but this one offers guarantees and may best suits those who sleep better at night when market risk isn’t present. Either way, you’d be wise to consider a money machine for yourself if you’re headed into or are already retired.

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