2024 Spring Newsletter: Salt Lake City

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My business partner, Scott Dougan (Kansas City) and I started the year off with a bang.

We were invited to a global financial advisors conference in January in Las Vegas where he and I were both, individually, inducted into the Advisors Excel Hall of Fame. This recognition is awarded to financial advisors who have seen prolonged success in financial planning for the families they serve. This year we will celebrate Elevated Retirement Group’s 12th anniversary. And I will mark the 22-year milestone as a Financial Advisor.

It’s been over six months now since our team moved into our new office space and we are feeling settled. The new office not only provides more space for our growing team but has also helped with the flow of communication and efficiency with each other and with our clients. If you haven’t visited our new offices yet, we look forward to sharing this with you.

Outside of the office I continue to stay busy with my family. Baseball season for my son, Michael, started in February. I help coach the team of 11-year-olds so many of my evenings are filled with practices and games. In March we traveled to Phoenix for a Triple Crown Baseball Tournament. Michael’s team took second place, closely defeated by a talented California team in the championship game. It was a fun five days of baseball for me and the boys – we even got to attend an MLB Spring Training game while we were there. I’ve also taken on a “job” as an assistant baseball coach with Juan Diego High School’s baseball program. I primarily coach the Freshman and Sophomores but help with the entire team as well. It’s been a joy working with this talented team. And, well, there’s no such thing as too much baseball.

In February, our daughter, Coraline, traveled to Anaheim, California with the Alta High School Cheer Team to compete at Nationals. Michael, my wife Erika, and I were able to go as well to support them. Her Junior Varsity team took third place in the nation and their Varsity team took first place. And everyone got to spend some time at Disneyland. It was a great little trip. Coraline recently tried out for next year’s cheer team and made it! They’ve already hit the ground running with fundraisers, uniform fittings, and activities. She’s looking forward to another fun year of high school. Her next big challenge: learning to drive. Send prayers and well wishes to my wife and I.

Thank you, as always, for your business and continued support. ERG turning 12 this year is no small feat, and we want to thank the wonderful families we serve. We couldn’t have done this without.