2020 Summer Newsletter: Salt Lake City

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What a year it has been! So far. We are more than half-way through 2020, but when I think back to January – or even March – it seems like years ago. We’ve faced and overcome challenges we never thought possible. I hope we can all say we’re a little stronger, a little more flexible that we once thought. We’re likely all feeling a little more exhausted by news headlines, cancelled and adjusted plans, and other small adjustments we make each day. But hopefully this crazy time has helped us realign, reset and reprioritize for a positive future.

With school cancelled in the Spring, all vacations postponed, and adjustments at the office, our family has been in “reset mode” for months. So, why not get a puppy?!? Meet our newest family member: Benintendi “The Jet” Rodriguez Lee, or “Benny” for short. (My baseball fans out there will get it.) He is a Mini Golden Doodle. We got him at barely two months old and have been working tirelessly on potty training and staying out range of those sharp little puppy teeth. But it’s totally worth it. He is such a joy. We’re all head over heels in love.

Our daughter, Coraline, will be entering middle school in the Fall (whatever school may look like). After years of tumbling and a few long days of memorizing dances and cheers, she made the middle school cheer squad last month. She’s over the moon! They’ve been able to start practicing outdoors, distanced from one another, and she couldn’t be happier. We hope there will be school sports for her to cheer at this coming school year.

Our son, Michael, has been busy with baseball. And since I’m his coach, it’s kept me busy too (in all the best ways possible). Thankfully, baseball is already a “socially distanced” sport, so it was rather simple to transition the game to fit COVID protocols. Michael plays second base and short stop. We’ve played several games this summer, including a few tournaments. It’s been a lot of fun getting back out on the field. And it feels so good to cheer for sports again!

As some of you know, Michael and I share a birthday – July 14th. Michael turned eight this year. And I tripped over the hill to the big 4-0. The beard is getting a little grayer, and the joints a little tighter, but overall, 40 is looking and feeling pretty good. 

We hope all of you are enjoying your summer and staying safe.  Though things may look a little different these days, the ERG team is here for you.